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my name is Selina Gerosa

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Professionally i am a graphic and web (and basically anything) designer (my client portfolio) but on this site ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i'm just tryna have fun

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more about me:

i am nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. i live in boston at the moment. im a saggitarius sun, capricorn moon, taurus rising. i like collecting specifically ironic garfield memorabilia, watching cartoons with really good art direction (mission hill, chowder, mind game), and speculating on the social implications of webspeak and internet culture on society (read my thesis). i have a lot of other interests.... painting dolls, cults, The Sims 4 game, brutalist websites, making books, slime..... to name a few. (if any of this stuff makes u curious or u think u have something 2 say u should email me)

get to know me thru my insp reel.

read some of the edgy emotional zines i've made over the years (my fave is probably 5 minute crush)

click for the only meme i ever have and likely ever will make

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oohhh mysery question mark press it and see what happens oooohhh

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Rounded script logo reading 'LovelyDorrie' in pink with a yellow and white outline bouncing up and down on pink background with a darker pink repeating hearts and broken hearts pattern.

business card for lovelydorrie

ok technically this is internet adjacent, but i just had so much fun with this project! dorrie commissioned me to make her a new business card, so i drew her as a magical girl and designed a logo too!

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talk lk u mean it (my big thesis)

have u ever wondered why we use 'lol' all the time? or if emojis will ever take over our language? maybe u want to know why that '.' sounds angry ? well in this book, about the language of the internet, or webspeak, you can find out ! read about the history, the linguistic reasoning and components, and societal implications of webspeak.

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The Meme Textbook

a precursor to my thesis; this is an academic style textbook about memes. it chronicles their history, breaks down their formats and humor styles, and poses the question: what even are memes? this series is theoretically ongoing, although it is currently on the backburner.

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👹 (how to annoy people on mmorpgs)

this choose-your-own adventure style book gives the reader three different scenarios where they have to navigate through an experience with an asshole. will you come away from the interaction unscathed or will you become an asshole yourself?

wall installation, flowchart with text connecting with green and pink arrows

what social media should you post that on?

this wall installation, made entirely of vinyl and gaffer tape, is a teen-magazine-style quiz that will tell you what social media to post on based on the content. the installation comments on the collective understanding of social media nuance and attempts to codify some content classifications.

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motivational poster reading 'potential, you're wasting your own time by getting hung up on this

trauma center

a gallery installation made in collaboration with dani dinstman about our experiences with emotional and sexual trauma. the installation centers around an enclosed 'trauma center' surrounded by a metaphorical waiting room, which uses the language often directed at trauma survivors.

shot of instal showing large yarn web, three charcoal portaits, and charcoal hand tryptich


a gallery installation made in collaboration with olivia gelard. inspired by the essay "grandmother spider" by rebecca solnit, louise bourgeois, and our own matrilineal lines, the gallery pays homage to the forgotten women throughout history and embraces traditionally feminine art-forms ('''''''''craft''''''''').

at least my cactus is alive

this installation was made for a project in my junior typography class (an autobiography in 6 words). i basically spent all my spare time for a week holed up in this room, on 3 cups of coffee and two of those Starbucks Espresso Double Shot™s and scrawled about all of my anxiety and trauma on lined paper then hung those on hemp string. there's also a presentational video.

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