original character works

just a few of the finished, full-color paintings of my many, many ocs. yes, there is a lot of people kissing. there's more of this, and unfinished works on my instagram.

painting of teddy and miguel posing in a window. teddy holds the phone with both hands and wears a brown overcoat and green plaid pants. they have long, black, curly hair and a messenger bag with decorative pins. miguel has his arm around teddy and wears simple street clothes and a beanie with a green striped cross body bag.

stop for a selfie (miguel and teddy); watercolor; 2020

two men sit on an orange background. the blond (guy) squeezes the brunette's (jeb) cheeks with his hand

cheek squeeze (guy and jeb); watercolor; 2020

the backs of guy and jeb leaning on a fence. guy wears blue denim, a cowboy hat and has yellow gloves sticking out his back pocket. jeb wears a pink shirt, green pants, and a yellow cowboy hat. guy's hand is on the small of jeb's back.

guy and jeb on the ranch; gouache; 2020

jeb and guy kiss on horseback a la the princess bride.

kiss of all kisses (guy and jeb); watercolor; 2020

a blonde man (guy) and brunnete man (jeb) kissing while shirtles. to the right, two panels, top: jeb touching guy's chest scars, bottom: jeb kissing guy's neck

guy and jeb kissing; watercolor; 2020

a blonde man (guy) and brunnete man (jeb) on a black horse with a prarie background. jeb is sleeping behind guy.

guy and jeb on a ride; watercolor; 2020

family of five, right to left: mom #1 with short hair in slacks, lanky teenage boy in work clothes, young girl with pigtails and green dress, mom #2 wearing a dress and shawl holding young toddler boy in a frock.

farm hand family; watercolor; 2020

two feminine figures holding hands wearing clothes similar to a racecar driver. left (jupiter): blonde in black bikini top with red latex-ey bolero and baggy pants. right (chip): purple haired in spandex biker top with cone breasts and fitted miniskirt with red panels and black straps, hockey gloves. both wear black platform sneakers

jupiter and chip in namilia; watercolor; 2020

blonde person (jupter) posed facing left with one hand on neck and the other (chip) lifting their shirt from the bottom, wearing a green vest, partially unbuttoned button down, purple pants. on green cloudy background

jupiter, inspired by panel from jjba; 2020

bust of two figures in simple henleys, blonde (jupiter) is holding the purple haired one's head (chip). title text to the left of the figures. on yellow background

'there are bonds that can't be broken,' jupiter and chip; watercolor; 2019

blonde (jupiter) and purple haired (chip) figures sit on the floor. both are looking at the audience. blonde is in an unbuttoned black floral shirt and slacks holding the arm of the purple haired figure. the other's body is facing the blonde and has their hand on the blonde's chest. they are wearing a backless dark red dress. both have smeared lipstick.

jupiter and chip caught kissing; watercolor; 2019

blonde (jupiter) kissing the forehead of purple-haired (chip) as they embrace. blonde is wearing a black turtleneck, gold chain, and green pants. purple hair is wearing a lot of bobby pins, a gold chain, black crop top over orange and black striped long sleeve shirt, maroon pants. both wear heavy bright blue eyeliner.

jupiter and chip normal kissing; gouache; 2019

bust of two figures exhaling a pink cloud of smoke into a heart shape. blonde (jupiter) is wearing a hat and flannel. purple hair (chip) is wearing a pink fluffy coat and overall dress, with heart hair clips. the figures themselves resemble a heart shape.

jupiter and chip heart weed; watercolor; 2019

dark and curly haired figure (teddy) sitting and smoking a weed pipe while crying. they wear a green sweater, purple button down, black skinny jeans. there is a purple backpack with pins to the right.

teddy smoking and crying; watercolor; 2019

two figures sit and kiss. a dark curly haired one (teddy) with back to the viewer, wearing a white short sleeve shirt with striped long-sleeved undershirt and green pants. the other (miguel) has a brunette buzzcut and wears a flannel with their arm around the curly haired one's neck.

teddy and miguel kissing; gouache; 2019

dark, curly haired figure (teddy) biting their nails with title text below

'i don't feel like myself lately,' teddy; watercolor; 2019

group of four at a concert. left to right: blonde, long-haired girl (jordan) with a red bandana and beaded bracelets taking a photo with her phone. a joyful boy with a mohawk (isaac) has a his arms raised and is making the sign of the horns hand symbol. a girl with short, dark haired girl (may) in a green sports bra sits on the shoulders of a boy (pete) with half-blonde-half-blue hair as she shields her eyes from the sun

jordan/isaac + may/pete double date at a music festival; watercolor; 2019

a girl with long blonde hair (jordan) in a purple hoodie smokes from a large bong, as a boy with a mohawk (isaac), wearing a blue shirt and green long-sleeves undershirt, protects the flame with his hands.

isaac and jordan hitting the scoob; watercolor; 2019