classical reproductions

whenever i am struggling with a creative plateau, i return to realism. reproducing classical art has always been a fun way for me to practice anatomy. plus, i love to draw in museums.

priestess sitting on stool, holding shallow bowl and sprig.

priestess of delphi; john collier; watercolor; 2020

two nude women dancing in blue and orange palette, with blue striped background

two nude females dancing waltz; eadweard muybridge; watercolor; 2020

semi-nude woman in tulle skirt bending down, picking lineart flowers, in green palette with yellow background

semi-nude female dress walking, stopping, stooping to lift train, turning; eadweard muybridge; watercolor; 2020

pencil sketch of man in 1600s clothes with sword, holding cane.

prince charles lewis; count palatine; studio of anthony van dyck; pencil sketch; 2019

pencil sketch of knight posing with helmet and sword

portait of a gentleman; giovanni battista moroni; pencil sketch; 2019

pencil sketch of nude woman reclining, looking into a mirror held by a cherub

the rokeby venus; diego velazquez; pencil sketch; 2019

pencil sketch of girl in a frock lighting a lantern

carnation, lily, lily, rose; john singer sargent; pencil sketch; 2019

crosshatched sketch of nude woman's torso

torso of elevation; gaston lachaise; pencil sketch; 2019

pencil sketch of boy holding a skull with one hand reaching out

young man holding a skull; frans halls; pencil sketch; 2019

reclining nude woman posing towards the viewer with arms over head

reclining nude, henri matisse; pencil sketch; 2019

man posing with arms on hips in sweatshirt with hood

the dock hand, constantin emile meunier; pencil sketch; 2019