commissioned works

yes, my commissions are open email me

watercolor portrait (for jordan); watercolor; 2020

two vector designs of a night sky and forest with text 'all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise' split between the posters. the left one has a big full moon and the right has a drawing of a blackbird. the sky has a gradient of purple stripes and white and yellow stars.

beatles posters (for erin); digital; 2020

pixel art animation of a knight walking in brown tunic with a red flag on his helmet

knight walking (for preston); digital; 2020

pixel art portrait of bruce smiling inspired by stardew valley

profile icon (for bruce); digital; 2020

watercolor single page comic. top panel: two women in bed facing each other. left panel: woman makes breakfast while other woman sits at table. right panel, top: woman kissing other woman's forehead. right panel, bottom: plate of eggs, bread, potatoes. in between right panels, text reading 'good morning, i love you'

good morning, i love you (for rebecca); watercolor on arches 8x10"; 2020

girl with long dark hair kicking boy with ginger undercut. in front of them is a messy table full of chip bags, chinese food, paraphenalia. the wall behind has a gay flad and a talking heads poster.

kem and gary (for dorrie); watercolor on arches 16x16"; 2018

blue and purple palette, portrait of woman with peace sign hand in front of face, with man standing behind grinning, mounted on collaged panels.

anniversary photo (for erin); color pencil and collage 12x12"; 2017

blue palette painting of woman looking to the right with hand on forehead. mounted on old photo of seaside city.

portrait (for julia); gouache and collage 6x6"; 2016

delicate watercolor portrait of woman holding toddler in floral hat to her face.

mimi and her mother (for mimi); watercolor on arches 8.5x11"; 2014