wikihow title 'wikiHow to Annoy People on MMORPGs' with ogre emoji

aka 👹 aka how to deal with assholes

have you ever been sitting at dinner when your racist grandpa opens his big stupid mouth? what do you do? bite your tongue and try to ignore it? leave the room? start an argument? in this book, you can find out. using a choose-your-own-adventure style narrative, the reader traverses three scenarios with assholes.

originally this book was going to be about how it sucks there aren't a lot of resources for developing interpersonal skills, especially with negative people, but really, this book is about the nuance of social interaction. even in these difficult situations, every action we make (or don't make) is a choice, for better or worse. so, sometimes you can resolve the problem, but sometimes you become the asshole.

the book uses imagery from wikihow, memes, and emojis to illustrate both the physical situation and the internal feelings of the narrator. it's chaos with a grid. it was also printed and coptic stitch bound by me.

book cover showing screencapture of wikihow search for 'how to deal with assholes' and various emojis spread with large text and a lot of emojis, representing chaos and anger spread of narrative trail end with memes and emojis spread with only text spread with fullbleed rage pepe meme narrative trail end spread with layered wikihow screencaps, emojis, and text backcover showing wikihow entry for trolling in forums