title with green tape arrow pointing down at it

have you ever noticed the unspoken social culture of which social media content is posted on? like, if you're just taking a picture to let people know where you are, you wouldn't post it on facebook, it would go on your snapchat or insta story (i made this before instagram had stories). i wanted to articulate these subtle distinctions, so i made a teen-magazine style quiz. although, i should mention, these things are obviously constantly in flux so this project made in 2016 is now pretty out of date. and isn't that interesting too? is it fraught to attempt to prescribe social behavior in a digital space?

the installation itself was about 10 ft by 10 ft, installed on a wall and made entirely of vinyl type and gaffer tape. the instal was done in one 10 hour session and all of the arrows and social media icons were made while installing (this is why everything is crooked).

wall installation, flowchart with text connecting with green and pink arrows closeup of snapchat logo rendered in pink gaffer tape close up reading 'dude...' with options 'i'm serious!!!'and you're right closeup of option reading 'is it a selie?' with options 'a GOOD one' and 'i love filters'