for the sake of transparency

big thank u to

Glitter Text Maker for the glitter titles

Velvetyne Type Foundry for the typeface Happy Times, designed by Matthias Hübner.

GifCities for the sourced geocities images (+ archival service pls donate)

paul lewis for this helpful article.

RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects for the sparkly mouse effect

easter eggs

the mystery question mark redirects to the websites of one of my friends; here's the full list

the 'under construction' sign at the bottom of every page is a homage to the early 00s common web practice of using gifs with construction imagery to encouraging return visits by implying there will be future updates worth revisiting for. ofc these days, we know that all modern pages are updated frequently, but as olia says in the linked article, this gif represents the humanity behind the website. someone has to do those updates. in the ages of template websites, moments of human ownership become necessary.

(desktop only) there are some hidden texts on hover over images. in the late 00s, its was common for webcomics to include author commentary in title tags.

talk lk u mean it

there is a hidden link on the word 'chaos' to a gif of eris, greek goddess of chaos and discord, in the show the grim adventures of billy and mandy, a classic cartoon network show