'lovely dorrie' logo in pink ribbon-like script, wiht a thick yellow border and sparkles

LovelyDorrie [dorrie sacks] is an amazingly talented eldrich digital being who voice acts, is a writer (read da blog !), and celebrity internet host on youtube anime talk show. she commissioned me to design her a new business card. we were inspired by visual novels games, magical girls (u can say madoka), soft goth + lolita fashion, the backgrounds in earthbound, etc.

i decided to draw the entire card in pixel art using pixel, which worked pretty well. i've never done a whole pixel art piece, so it was cool to try. i learned about dithering, and next time i'd do some pattern toning instead of ummm random scribbles

the logo is inspired by shojou anime titles, street art tags, and ribbon. i animated it on a bounce like a game loading screen, and i wanted to animate sparkles too, but animation is just not my calling....

if you know magical girl anime, then you know theres a lot more under the surface than the cute outfits and sidekicks (i mean, madoka, tokyo mew mew, cardcaptor sakura, i could go on). that's very dorrie, super cute and a little spooky. when i was designing her as a magical girl i was keeping that in mind. i decided on a broken heart theme to reflect that good good taurus energy and also keep a solid pink theme. i also just had to include her kitties pepper and layla.

business card front, all pixel art, 'lovely dorrie' logo in the top left corner, contact information in the center in a magenta box, the right has a pixel art illustration of dorrie as a magical girl, on a background of pink clouds business card back, 'lovely dorrie' logo centered on a background of pink with darker pink hearts, some are broken hearts pixel art illustration of magical girl. she has red curly hair, a pink doll dress, yellow ribbon accents, a broken heart theme, and is holding a large microphone. two chibi cats are by her feet, a brown one to the left, and a grey and white one to the right